Friday, August 19, 2011

Generate Profits on Incoming Calls

How does it work?

Paytel is a new virtual business number that allows you to generate income from all calls received on it such as your everyday incoming business calls. It can be diverted to any landline and works for any business size from corporate help desks to the home business. It is a simple add-on to your existing line and your current setup remains 100% unaffected. Try it free and turn your business land line into a cash machine.

1)Get a new 0839 Paytel number to
replace your office, help desk number..

2)We divert the new number to your
existing office phone line or PABX.

3)If someone calls your new Paytel
number your office phone will ring.

4)When answered you earn up to 50c per minute. The more calls received, the higher the profits. It's that simple!


Quick Questions

Will Paytel work with our switchboard?
Does the size of our business matter?
What does the number look like?
What does it cost to call Paytel?
How do I start receiving calls?
Where do I see what I have earned?

Paytel benefits
Earn up to 50c p /min on incoming calls
No monthly fees
Simple add-on to any land line
Your old number still works
No installation and no setup
Keep your number through life's changes

Startup business benefits
Startup business has the benefit of still having to print branded stationary such as letter heads, business cards etc. By starting off with a Paytel number you never again have to change your number even if you move office. Simply divert your Paytel number it to the new land line number without changing and printed media and keep on earning.

Website owners benefits
Paytel offers easy income to website owners. Website owners can instantly update their contact number online and immediately start generating income. Paytel is fast becoming the standard for Website numbers.

On average Paytel users earn 32c excluding VAT per minute (36c incl. VAT). This is broken down into 50c from MTN numbers, 25c from Telkom numbers, and 25c from Vodacom numbers all excluding VAT. Off peak rates after 19:00 is slightly less.


1 Main office Line:
Just like DSTV and Junkmail you can turn your everyday incoming business calls into profit by diverting your Paytel number to your switch-board, held desk, technical support staff or main office phone line. The easies why is to add it to your website, letterheads, emails signature and marketing material, sit back and see the money building up.

2 Advertising Line:
Are you placing ads, doing promotions or running a competition line? Add your Paytel number on the advert to profit from inbound calls and pay your marketing costs. Your Paytel number is a number for life. Once you have it you can use it over and over. Why not use it with your IVR system ( Interactive Voice Response)

3 After hours and Fax line:
Generate income even when you are away from your phone line or after hours. What about making your Paytel number your after hours number or fax line. Are you receiving a lot of faxes or after hour calls. Divert your Paytel number to your fax line and use it to generate income. Activate an answering service (or machine) to your line with messages and let people listen and leave message after hours while earning money etc.

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