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Advertisingbranding, marketing or selling…call it what you want – if your business does not do it, chances are…Traditional advertising is not only extremely costly, it is a huge gamble. How often do people really even see your ‘printed’ campaigns in the local press, or listen to your jingle on the radio? Oh and how many use your ad as a signal to go to the loo?

On the other hand, how many folks do you see ignoring the beep-beep, beep-beep on their cell phone?

The cell phone has become something that people just do not leave their homes without. It is a tool that connects them with their friends, family, their boss, and now, with Beep-Beep! even their favourite retailers.

Beep-Beep! SMS advertising incorporates the use of the cell phone to provide information,advertisements and other types of promotion.By promoting in this manner, Beep-Beep! sms advertising allows businesses to create and maintain their brand as they reach their targeted customers.There is great value in this type of product and service, simply because of its ability to get right to the customer …at short notice.


Vuyo realises at noon that he is going to be stuck with a large amount of boerewors rolls at the end of the day because business has been slow. As a registered Beep-Beep!advertiser, he simply goes onto the Beep-Beep! website and does a quick promotionadvertising his famous boerwors rolls at half price to all Beepers and their friends – in his area.

Marketing is marketing. It is essentially about finding ways to reach consumers at the right time.

It is essential that businesses become early adopters – before others get the jump start. Wisdom also plays a role in the timing/planning of an advertising campaign.For example, it may not make sense or be necessary to market consistently all year long. Are there times when your particular industry is slow and customers are not likely to purchase? Conversely, are there times during the year when customers are more likely to be in the market for your product or service? Schedule your marketing activities to take advantage of these peak times – before your competitors do it.

Ever notice how health clubs market heavily in the spring? They know people are more likely to be focused on getting in shape before summer and ‘hitting the beach’ season arrives. So they spend more on marketing and focus their promotional efforts during these times of year and they maintain a lower profile the rest of the year.Ask yourself these questions: What ‘seasonality” exists in my business? How can I schedule my marketing to take maximum advantage?

The Beep-Beep! sms advertising edge:

We all recognise how cell phones dominate people, but now with Beep-Beep! you are able to harness this amazing tool – legally!

All our Beepers have opted in to receiving your sms advert – this now is a legal requirement in South Africa as per the new Consumer Protection Act.

How does Beep-Beep! work?

Firstly, you need to register as an advertiser. There is a small registration fee of R100. Once you are registered, you will receive your log in details.

Once you log in you select the demographics that will be best suited to your targeted ‘opt-in’ advertising campaign.

The demographics Beep-Beep! provide are: AGE; GENDER & POSTAL CODE.

In effect what this means is that you are not wasting money, you are only paying for the target you aim for.

For example: Say Beep-Beep! had a data base of 100,000 Beepers. Those Beepers are spread all over South Africa. For Vuyo and his ‘boerewors campaign’ this would be a waste as only people in his immediate vicinity would take up his half price offer!So, Vuyo would then enter the Postal Codes for his immediate vicinity. The system would then select only those Beepers and he would see that there were say 278 Beepers that he could target. Paying for 278 sms’ verses 100,000 – I think you see the advantage financially?

Once the demographics are selected, the system not only shows how many Beepers are involved but also the cost of the campaign. You, the advertiser will also see if you have sufficient sms adz credits available. If there are sufficient, you then type in your advert and select ‘send’.You will receive an email report giving details about your campaign.

Advert content…

Every advert will end with the word Beep!, that is how our Beepers will recognise that the advert is done through Beep-Beep! Adverts can be a maximum of 150 characters.

Please also understand that we do not permit any offensive adult content or immoral content as defined by our South African Christian standards!

…and the financials?

This is the truly exciting part. Beep-Beep! sms adverts cost you – the advertiser – only.35cper sms sent.

If we look at what Vuyo’s half price ‘Boerewors roll Campaign’ would cost:278 Beepers at .35c = R97.30

As an advertiser, you purchase sms credits up front, on line.

So, now you can legally enhance your brand or advertise your products and services through Beep-Beep! to a permission based ‘opt in’ target market.

N.B: My number is 074 116 5213 and is to be used as your introducer's cell number!
To register as an advertiser, please click on the link below to register...
N.B: Don't forget to add my mobile number 0741165213 as your introducers number!

or contact or email me for the details or register as a Beeper first.

It only costs R10.00!!!

Grow R10 to R60 in a year by receiving SMS Ads!!!

My number is 074 116 5213 and is to be used as your introducer's cell number!

Please Note! This is only for faxed or emailed registration forms and NOT FOR SMS Registrations. If someone still wants to register via sms it will cost them R10.

Get PAID to receive SMS ads!


R10-00 Investment!

R10 in your bank account will grow to only R10.60 after 1 year at 6% interest.


Join Beep-Beep for R10 (once off) and do nothing but receive a maximum of 5 sms adverts per day (Monday to Friday) = 100 sms adverts per month @ 5 centsper SMS and grow your R10 to R60 in a year. (600% growth)


Get 10 of your family and friends to also join Beep-Beep! Your R10 will grow to R180 in a year.If your 10 introductions each get 10 people to also join Beep-Beep! for 7 levels of introductions below you, your investment really starts GROWING!

You receive 1 cent for every SMS ad received by 7 levels of introductions below you! Giving you a potential income over 10,000,000 cents per SMS ad = R100,000 per SMS ad!Multiply this with a potential of 100 SMS adz per month!NOT BAD FOR A R10 INVESTMENT!


Everyone has a cellphone - so this is a great idea!


That gives me - and YOU - a chance to grow quite a sizeable team of people who will all receive sms adverts. Not only will they get paid - but so will we!


Note: Only MTN & Vodacom numbers can register by SMS

Cell C & Virgin Mobile must use the registration form to be downloaded at... and don't forget to use my mobile number 0741165213 as your introducer.

The SMS must be sent from your own cell phone.Follow the SMS text structure exactly as shown below.

Do not include the ( ) brackets and spaces.Each item to be separated by a ( , ) comma.The SMS must be typed as follows:Beep , (0741165213) , (your first name), (your last name) ,(age) , (postal code) , (gender F or M)SMS as follows:Beep,0741165213,John,Smith,25,9300,MDo NOT enter your cell number in the SMS - Your cell number is sent automatically from your cell phone when the sms is sent..Enter the Introducer Cell number: 0741165213Send the SMS to: 38585Cost of SMS = R10

You will receive a SMS within a few seconds to confirm your registration.Forward this ad with your Cell Number

Success wishes!

For more info, click the link below or copy and paste in your

The cell-phone companies in South Africa are - conservatively speaking -generating an income of more than 40 million rand PER DAY!

There are more than 16 million sms' PER DAY being sent through the threemajor networks.SMS advertising is going to become the number one advertising medium - surpassing TV, newspaper and the Internet.Conventional advertising is ignored by more than 90% of the intended market...However, when a persons cell phone goes Beep-Beep!100% read their sms!

Here's your chance to get your slice of that 40 million rand per day!


To register via sms it will still cost you R10. So, now you have no excuse! Put a smile on your bank managers face - andmake me proud.Please sms me or email me for the application form.

Kind regards,


Mobile: 074 116 5213

"We all have two choices:

We can make a living or we can design a life."~ Jim Rohn

South Africa

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