Monday, May 30, 2011

Advertise all Your Products on a Catalogue Website!

What is a Catalogue Website?

A Catalogue is a fully-featured, database-driven web site whose product content is managed by the client using a user-friendly admin web page.

A Catalogue provides up to three levels of product classification and any number of products in a group.

All management of the Catalogue takes place using a client IIS login, which directs the client to our secure management pages. From here, pictures can be uploaded from the client's PC, automatically sized and placed in the appropriate place on our server. Information to go with each picture is also entered from our management page(s) via an easy-to-use form. The order in which pictures and corresponding text appear can also be changed by the client.

When the viewer sees a Catalogue results page, relatively small images (thumbnails) are displayed - these images are automatically generated from the full size images that have been uploaded by the client. The client therefore only needs to upload one size image. Images are automatically optimized by our system and checked for file size before uploading takes place, ensuring best possible results on the web page.

The layout of a Catalogue is custom-authored by IIS (background, colour scheme, logos etc) whereas the specific product information is managed solely by the client. Catalogues can therefore be tailored to suit the needs of each client. Catalogue can be accessed 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, enabling content to be fully up-to-date, enabling IIS clients to provide a better customer service to their customers.

The IIS Catalogue features the ability to automatically place featured products on the Home page and there is a "shopping cart" feature that automatically populates an on-line enquiry form. A Catalogue client can also upload products but elect to display them at a later date.
Why not develop my own Catalogue?

Web authoring is an expensive business and user-updateable pages usually require your service provider to manage the page(s) via database resources, which can add considerably to hosting fees. IIS has developed a platform that can be shared by many clients, therefore optimizing resources and reducing cost.
Catalogues can be configured and be up and running usually within a few days - a lot faster than having a system developed in-house. Full training is supplied on our premises to ensure our clients understand are able to make best use of the system.

So what does it cost?

A Catalogue carries a one-time customisation/development charge and a standard hosting fee for this powerful database-driven facility.
Contact the IIS office for full pricing details.

Show me an example

We have built a fully-functional demonstration web site that simulates an on-line computer store. Follow this link: to see the demo. You can also log-in as the client and view the admin section to see just how easy it is to update and manage the site. The demo web site will illustrate more features not mentioned here so be sure to go have a look and see why the IIS Catalogue is the most powerful, cost-effective and user-friendly product web site available today.

Please contact me or email me for a free consultation and quote on a Functional, Google friendly, Professional, User friendly website.

Contact: Mark
Mobile: 27 74 116 5213

South Africa

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