Saturday, January 22, 2011

Exclusive, hand made gold jewelery made to order

I can manufacture exclusive, hand made gold jewelery and can supply you with Small Quantities of Cut & Polished, Gem Quality Diamonds at Wholesale Prices. These diamonds are definitely not blood diamonds and can be traced to their point of origin.  All of these diamonds can be internationally certified with GIA or EGL certification and can be delivered via courier to your front door at wholesale prices.  Please feel free to contact me if you require prices for diamonds and gold jewelery designed and manufactured as an investment or perhaps need a diamond for an engagement ring that you would like to be designed and made specially for your partner or maybe if you need diamond jewelery for an anniversary present. Please contact me for a free quote.

Contact: Mark Waite

Wanted - Products & Services to market & sell

Let me market & sell your products & services online!
I am a young at heart, 51 year old, divorced Caucasian businessman reside in Table View and am immediately available. I have 10 years sales experience in selling financial investment products, commercial property & advertising, mainly in telesales. I was a commercial property broker for 6 years negotiating with business owners, directors of companies & landlords to broker leases and sales of various commercial properties.
I have excellent communication skills and great telephone etiquette and I can market & sell most products. I am computer literate, I have loads of experience in advertising online, affiliate marketing, blogging, internet marketing, network marketing & building my own websites which I have been doing or over 6 years. I also have excellent experience in placing property ads on the internet on various classifieds websites.

Mark Waite
Mobile: +27 74 116 5213
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